Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratituesday: My Career

I tried to hold back the tears as I snuggled up to my husband and thanked him for working so hard for his family. And for believing in my calling to stay home with our children.

I hate that I take my career as a Homemaker for granted at times.
I hate that I get discouraged, lose my temper, fail, and become frustrated. After all, this is the career of my dreams.

But those issues come with the territory of any career.

The Lord has gently reminded me lately of the greatness of my calling. He's reminded me that He's made a way for me to stay home, when really, it sometimes seems impossible. But God has never failed to provide for our needs.

I know some women cannot stay home with their children. Some do not want to and some just aren't able to. This isn't a post to make women who have a career outside the home feel inferior. Because that would be wrong. And it's between God and the woman and her husband. Not me.

But this is a post giving glory to God for His provisions that allow me to be a Homemaker.

He knew my heart's cry even as a young, single gal. He even knew when I was a baby that I would one day want babies of my own with a husband of my own. He heard my prayers and He answered them marvelously.

With all the ups and downs, joys and triumphs, I'm blessed to be a Homemaker.

I'm blessed...

To watch my children reach developmental milestones.
To infuse Biblical truths into everyday situations.
To feel my heart soar as they learn new things.
To dry their tears when they are hurting or afraid.
To "Watch this, Mommy!" a hundred times over.

To help out a friend who needs a babysitter during the day.
To share a simple conversation with an elderly neighbor.
To visit my grandma when she's feeling lonely.
To load the kids up for a lunch date with daddy.

To welcome my husband home with a hug and a kiss.
To spend time throughout the day in the kitchen, cooking and baking.
To decorate my home for each changing season.
And yes, even to clean dirty bathrooms and fold mountains of laundry.

I'm undeserving.
And at times feel completely incapable.

But my God is bigger.
And He's seen fit to grant me my heart's desire.

And for that I'm eternally grateful.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. This is such a beautiful post!! I could have easily written it myself. Thank you so much for sharing! And PRAISE GOD for giving us the desire of our hearts AND that He put that desire there to begin with!!


  2. I am thankful to do all those things too (caring for my baby/big girl, keeping a nice house, etc.)...I just am in the position in which I have to bring home money to provide stability for my little family. God is the great provider, I am sure of that. He has provided me with a job that can support our family and have an amazing school for our sweet girl to attend. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. I have an extreme desire to be home with my baby, but I know that I have to be responsible and wait on God's perfect timing. By faith and much prayer, this is where God wants me to be in this season of life.


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