Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing Catch Up With Lots of Pics!

There's been a lot going on lately! If I were more consistent with my blogging, I wouldn't have to post a million pictures at a time--so hang in there if you can, b/c this is a pretty long one! are some pics/captions to let you know what's been happening lately in our life...

We recently went to a Minor League Baseball game with my parents...we had a blast! We got the tickets from Bob's parents. The sun was still shining here...we look a little ghostly..haha.
Here are my wonderful parents! My dad was a tremendous pitcher and was even scouted by a few pro teams but he suffered a really bad injury to his arm and ended up just playing college ball.
He was really into the game. He LOVES sports!

All the little kiddos loved the team's's a little girl getting an autograph. How cute!
We had such a fun time...I hadn't been to a baseball game in years!

Ethan spent time with his Nana and Papaw (Bob's sweet parents) that night.
They had a blast!

My cousin Luke was recently promoted to Captain! He's already served one tour of duty in Iraq and will soon be deployed again. I'm so proud of him! (He's the one in the middle)

We went to Bob's company picnic this past weekend...I used to work for the same company so it was fun seeing a lot of my friends! As much as I miss working with them, I wouldn't trade staying at home with Ethan for anything!
Here we are on the way...I had Ethan try out my new sunglasses. They're just a tad big, don't ya think?

Everyone wanted to hold him!

He wasn't too impressed with the hat I picked out for him but that sun was blazin'!

Here's Bob's boss. He's been a friend of the family for a long time. This was his first time holding Ethan......and maybe his last! Haha, j/k. Ethan was starting to get hungry here.

Ahh...He finally fell asleep.

Visiting Nana and Papaw after the picnic. Look at him holding his head high. What a big boy!

That same night we went to my parents' home for my early birthday celebration.
I LOVED my cake! These Snow White decorations were the same ones used on a cake when I was a little kid! They're atleast 15-20 years old! I'm very sentimental so this cake meant a lot to me. It brought back some great memories =) Thanks for making it mom...I wouldn't have had it any other way!

Ethan was worn out after the wild party we had...haha.

...So I turned 25...and I was actually kinda sad about it. But I got a call the morning of my birthday that cheered me up! Praise God, Ethan's monitor is off for good!!!!

He had to wear that band at the top right of the picture around his chest. Those black squares were the leads that monitored his heart beat and any signs of apnea.

The long cord in the previous picture connected to this was sooooo loud when it went off!! I will NOT miss having to hook Ethan up to that thing at night after he'd fallen asleep in my arms..b/c then I had to wake him up to put the band on and he was NOT a happy camper!
Ethan went home from the hospital with the apnea monitor March 2nd. He had to be monitored 24-7 from March 2nd-April 1st. April 1st-June 7th he was only monitored at bedtime.
Here's his first picture monitor-free!!

Later that day, my best friend Holly brought her son Nathan over to play with Ethan. (Actually it was more of a "playtime" for the moms..haha..the boys pretty much slept the whole time) They're already best buds and they don't even know it!

I had a wonderful birthday, and was a little sad when it was over! It's kinda scary getting older...I'm not a kid anymore!

I'm posting this picture because it reminds me of the day I got saved! I was saved the day after my physical birthday in 1993. I like the fact that I have two bdays (physical and spiritual) in a row..and believe me, I milk 'em for all they're worth! haha.

The night after my birthday, there was a horrible storm and a tornado actually went over our house. I HATE storms, so needless to say, I was mortified that night. I knew I was a sinner--so I realized that if the tornado came and swept me away, I would go to hell...and I didn't want that to happen! Thankfully, it was only an F-1 tornado and it passed over quickly with no damage except for a few missing shingles. Later that evening, we went to church and I gave my life to Christ!
I love celebrating my physical birthday, but there's something extra special about my spiritual birthday. I praise God for sending His Son to die for me so that I could have eternal life!

So there you have highlights of the past few weeks.
I hope you made it through! Sorry it was so long--I'm just trying to catch up =)

Oh, and I think I'm going to change the layout of my page be on the lookout!

God bless!


  1. GREAT pictures!!! and happy birthday to you! ethan is getting so big and he is sooo adorable. looks like you all had a great time at the picnic. and thanks for sharing about luke...I'll tell Zack..he'd love to know!

  2. Happy Birthday to you and Happy Spiritual birthday! That's just great.

    Ethan is adorable.

    Thanks for keeping us posted with such great pics. :)

  3. I've talked to luke, and he didn't even mention a thing... geez! ha ha!

    I love all your pictures... it make it OK to miss for a while... hey, I'm not the best blogger either!

  4. Good to see you are all doing well! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Oh and I tagged you to play Crazy 8 if you are interested! The rules will be on my page shortly!

  6. I liked this post!! Loved seeing all the pics!

    Happy belated birthday Kari!!

    And Ethan is just so cute!! He is a little chubby thing like my Cayden! How much does he you know? We go next week for the four month shots etc, so I am interested to see what cayden weighs!!

    Looks like you have had a fun couple of weeks too!


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