Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bob, I'm so thankful God brought us together! You are a wonderful husband and an incredible daddy to Ethan. I know you'll be a great example to our precious son--I love you so much!!!

Thank you, Dad, for showing the love of Christ through the way that you live. You are so strong, hard working and selfless; yet you can cut loose and give us all a good laugh, too! I love you SO much and I'm very thankful that you are my "Daddio"!

I also have a wonderful father-in-law who is always willing to help anyone, anytime no matter how busy he is! He has the best BBQ in town, too!!! Yummy!!! He raised a wonderful son through the examples he set.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in my life!

Most importantly, thank You God for being my Heavenly Father and for loving me unconditionally. You are my Savior and my Lord. I love You!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to all the Dad's in your life! That video is a real tear jerker, loved it!


  2. edit . . . Dads, not Dad's. Oops!

    Carol ;-)


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