Friday, May 29, 2009

Made Me Jump...Made Me Think.

I saw this video on Tangle last night and had to share it. I almost turned it off when it got to the preacher b/c I thought it might be just a sermon the rest of the way through (not that it would be a bad thing...that didn't sound right) ..but anyway..just watch it all the way through.

It'll make you think (and probably jump, too, just to warn you)..I know it did me.

I've become complacent in my preparations for His coming--I had to ask myself, "What am I doing to further His Kingdom?"


  1. I have seen that video before - it's very good.

    I think you are right. We can all become very complacent about reaching others for Christ. This video is a great reminder. :)

  2. I'd never seen this before. Very good!
    (I did jump!)

    Regarding my post about Scripture memorization, I have learned so much from Beth Moore's teaching about hiding God's Word in my heart. I think for so many years I just read the Bible because it was what a good Christian is supposed to do. Now when I read a Scripture I hide it in my heart. There are days when I recall a certain Scripture and it helps me make it through the tough times.
    Speaking of Beth Moore :) I LOVE her book "Praying God's Word."
    I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for the reminder this video offered. I become complacent and needed this reminder.

    Have a great day.


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