Monday, June 22, 2009

Here They Come!

There has been A LOT of drooling lately (just a small sample in the picture above). I've noticed, too, that Ethan's gums are swollen and there are little white "dots" down on the bottom row... which probably means something like this is in our near future:

I love baby teeth! They are so cute! ...but I'm not looking forward to figuring out the whole feeding situation when baby teeth are involved!

I know I still have some time before actual teeth show up, but are there any tips from moms who nursed while their children were teething?? (My mom keeps telling me paybacks are coming..I'm scared!) haha.

Until those teeth make their appearance, I'm gonna enjoy Ethan's gummy smile! =)


  1. what a cute picture! look at all that drool :)

  2. Aww.....Gummy smiles are so cute!!

    Cayden has been drooling like crazy and chewing on anything since a little before three months...

    I have heard from both my mom and mil that if they bite down (OUCH!) while nursing to simply give them a tap on their cheek, not hard but enough for them to understand that they may not do that. My mil says once or two time of that and they wont bite down anymore...oh goodness, just thinking about it hurts! LOL

  3. Ethan is so adorable!
    I agree with you.....I just love those little gummy smiles and baby teeth.

  4. How sweet! Only 2 of my 5 ever tried to bite. My startled "NO!" was enough to make them stop. :)

  5. Ruthie Jane never gave me any problems in that area. i nursed for 13 months and she had ten teeth by that time, and she never bit me once!


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