Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Profession

I'm so incredibly blessed to be able to stay at home with Ethan. I LOVE IT! It's always been my dream to be a wife and mom and to be able to stay at home.

I know not all women get to be in this situation; some don't want to be, but most do, I would say. I have NOTHING against women that work outside of the home; I know that it is necessary sometimes. And believe me, we could definitely use the extra money right now if I did have an outside job; but my heart is in the home and God made a way for me to be there--even when it seemed impossible.

I'm so thankful.

I do miss the people I worked with at my last job, and sometimes I take being at home for granted. But I would never want any other profession. I hope I'm always a homemaker. Always.

"From the raw material of four walls and a roof, a shelter over our heads, we will have made a home by force of our own personalities.
We will have warmed, cheered, and sustained the head of that house, turned progeny into a family. We will have learned a dozen skills and enjoyed the fruits of such skills. For us the baby will have taken his first step, repeated his first word. We will have heard the schoolchild call "Mommy" as soon as he puts a foot inside the door, not so much to have a reply as to be assured that he is safe, life is ordinary, and that we are there...Free choice, importance, the prizes as well as the perils of a career--they are all ours. What more can one ask of a profession?"
~Phyllis McGinley,
Sixpence in Her Shoe
Fun Fact!
According to The Price of Motherhood by Ann Crittenden, "Homemaking, the fundamental task associated with raising the young, is still the largest single occupation in the United States."
Taken from Queen of the Castle, by Lynn Bowen Walker


  1. the age old debate of stay at home mom versus working mom can be so frustrating...I appreciate your stance on it, and that you respect working moms. I'm not one yet, but I will be at least for a few years. It's a HARD job to leave your child and go to work, and still be a full time mom. You know? Anyway--you're blessed to be able to stay home!

  2. You are blessed!! One day I hope I can do that, but until then I’m ok doing what I am doing!

  3. It is defiantly NOT easy working full time, out of the house, away from E, but for now mortgage is calling! I do hope for the day when I have more flexibility in my schedule/pocketbook and can be home with her more.


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