Monday, August 17, 2009

Movin' On Up!

Ethan is Movin' On Up....into a Big Boy Carseat!
Yes, folks, my baby boy has outgrown his carrier. Waaa!!

It seems like just yesterday we brought Ethan home in it...

Ok, I'm getting emotional now...I better finish this post quickly...ahem...

Babies grow so fast!!
This was Ethan's last picture in his 1st car seat.
Had to have one for the blog! =)

Here's the Big Boy Carseat! Ethan LOVES it!!

This was after a long day of running errands.

You didn't think we could just get rid of the old car seat did you?
No way...I'm VERY sentimental.
Plus, Curious George needed something to ride around in!


  1. we're shopping for a new carseat... it makes me sad for his to grow out of his old one too! they are not supposed to grow up so fast

  2. cute! What a sweet post and funny!! I am sentimental too, I cant believe it either! So bittersweet! I am glad he likes his new seat!! Cayden needs to get in his soon!

  3. Oh my. Doesn't time fly? Before we know it they will be in booster seats in the car. And Ruthie already refuses a high chair. So, no more high chair for us. It's already a booster seat during dinner.

  4. Yay, big boy!!! Can you believe how fast he is growing? Before you know it, he'll be in a tot seat! ;)


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