Friday, August 7, 2009

So Long, Old Friend

Bob and I did something drastic today...

We got rid of our digital cable..which means no more TLC, no more Food Network, no more excitement as I sit down to watch my plethora of recorded shows...**Sigh**

BUT it cut our bill by more than half!! Woo hoo!!!

I'm so proud of my husband! He didn't want to do this (I secretly didn't either), but we are trying to save money where we can, and cutting back our cable was one big way to do it. This may seem like a silly sacrifice, but Bob was definitely being selfless and sacrificial by doing this, b/c he loves his recorded shows, too.

I'm hoping this will not only save money, but also allow us more quality family time. The TV can totally become the center of everyone's attention. Not good. I was actually inspired by my cousin after I read a post she did about the Television. Check out her blog--it rocks!

So, I say, " So Long, Old Cable Friend...until we meet again....hopefully not too far down the road...b/c I'll be missing my shows pretty soon...and..." Ok, pull it together, Kari!


  1. wow--I am seriously impressed! Its really hard to get rid of TV (its my way to unwind at night)...but think on the bright side, at least you have the internet right?!

    PS: I LOVE LOVE LOVE "free to be me"...ahh! made me so happy when I clicked on your blog.

    cute blog by the way :) i'll follow!


  2. You guys are awesome. We did without cable & internet for like three years in efforts to cut down our monthly spending. We barely got the local channels and we began not even to miss it! We just got cable & internet when we moved (the bare minimum package) and truly I could live without it again! So proud of you guys! I know it's hard!
    And, I LOVE it that you mentioned me in your post. You're awesome.

  3. ok, let me rephrase that. i could live without cable again...maybe not internet! :)

  4. My friend lives without cable and has for quite a while...she watches almost all her shows online. Idea? ;o)

  5. Great job you two! That is a BIG thing especially when you have had it! Ryan and I have never had cable (as a married couple), a way we save money too. Instead we decided to get Netflix, way less a month...we call it "our cable!" LOL If a game is on cable or whatever we just watch it at our parents seems to work and we dont miss it!! ANd yes you have the internet which has lots of shows too!!

  6. You are strong… I’m not sure I would be able to do that!! I guess that’s the reason I SHOULD do something like that! Ha… good for you guys! Lots more quality time!!! :)


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