Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shopped 'Til We Dropped!

Today, my MIL Carol, Ethan and I went shopping--we had a blast!
Ethan is such a great little shopper. He likes to sit up real straight in his stroller and look around at all the neat things in the stores. I think he enjoys all the compliments he receives from the little old ladies, too =)

Our goal for today was to find some crafting pumpkins for a fall topiary my MIL is going to make--and we found 'em! We hit the jackpot at Michael's.

She bought her pumpkins...and of course, we had to get a few other little things--just b/c they were so darn cute.

Next, we headed over to Panera Bread for lunch...I LOVE me some Panera!

Sorry this pic is so blurry,
but I wanted you to see the chocolatey goodness
that I indulged in! Yuummmm...

We left Panera and headed on over to Garden Ridge.

Neither of us had been there in awhile--the store was totally different! There was a huge selection of the cutest children books, so I picked up a few for Ethan.

It was fun looking through all the Christmas decorations--I am SO EXCITED for Christmas this year! I've always loved the holiday, but it seems so much more special now that I have a son =) I think it's because growing up, my parents made Christmas extra special and always memorable. I'm thrilled for me and Bob to be able to start our own Christmas traditions with Ethan this year!

Well, we were so thirsty after all our spending shopping that we had to end our day with a stop at Sonic.

Of course, we took full advantage of the 1/2 price drinks and got ourselves a Route 44! I chugged my Sweet Tea faster than...well...I don't know..but it was fast!

Poor little Ethan was conked out by the time we pulled into the driveway. I put him straight to bed for his and all. I don't think he really cared, though!

Speaking of nap, I may just try to sneak one in...


  1. Our shopping trip was so much fun today! I love your post about it!!! Looking forward to next time. . .


  2. How cute!!! Ethan is a good shopper!! I love his little outfit with shoes!! I have yet to put Cayden in shoes....poor boy!!


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