Friday, October 30, 2009

An Autumn Stroll

The other day I took Ethan for a walk and decided to snap a few pictures along the way. As you can tell in the first picture, Ethan is looking a little sleepy. He had fallen into a cabinet and hit his head--right around naptime, wouldn't ya know--so of course I couldn't let the little guy lay down. The doc. told me to keep him upright for a couple of hours. So the best way, I figured, to make sure Ethan stayed upright was just to go on a walk.

Besides, some fresh air and pretty fall foliage would do us some good!

Random--I know--I'm trying to be all cool and artsy. haha (I, by no means, claim to be a photographer! Far from it!)

This pic just doesn't do justice to what I really saw. I wish you could've been on the walk with me to see this beauty up close and personal!

Just a little red sprinkled throughout the leaves of this tree

Falling leaves caught in the schoolyard's fence!

Ethan loved the leaves just as much as I did!

Ok, I think you can get that nap in now, Kar...uh, I mean, Ethan.


  1. So beautiful Kari! You took some GREAT pics!! Love Ethan's little chubster hands!! So so sweet!!

    You are a crack can take a nap too, its okay!! ;-P

  2. All the photos are great, but of course my favorites are of our little sweetie!


  3. Beautiful pictures and adorable baby!

    You both deserve a nap! :)

  4. Wow. those are some really good pics! What a fun walk! If we lived closer we could go together!

  5. Well Kari, you may not "claim" to be a photographer but you certainly took some beautiful pictures!! Ethan is getting so big! He's so cute!

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome back!


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