Monday, September 21, 2009

NCC '09

What is NCC '09, you might ask?

It's something my family and I are doing this year. We're calling it, "No Cash Christmas".

My sister, Bro-in-law, Bob and I are taking Dave Ramsey's, Financial Peace University, at our church. We're so pumped up to start saving and spending wisely! We want to be good stewards of God's money for His glory and so that we can teach our children how to spend and save according to the principles found in God's Word.

So, this class got us thinking; maybe we should make our Christmas gifts this year, instead of spending lots of money that we really shouldn't be spending. It kinda sounds like something we kiddos would've done back in the day when we had no way of making money and ended up giving gifts like a previously-burned candle we found in my parents room or an old basketball jersey that we grew out of--haha (those were real gifts exchanged on Christmases past!)

But, my parents totally agreed that they would rather receive handmade gifts, knowing that we are saving money and getting out of debt. Aren't parents wonderful!?

All that said, I'm not exactly a crafty person. I don't know how to sew, except for maybe a button here and there. I don't scrapbook (although my mom requested one of Ethan--so I'll have to get in the mood), and I don't quilt, or draw, or paint.

Have you ever given handmade gifts for Christmas? If so, what did you do?! This un-crafty gal needs to know!


  1. Dave Ramesy Rocks.
    Sorry, Hmm I dunno about any good handmade gifts. Grandparents are always suckers for pictures though. I like to mod podge picture frames with words or sayings from magazines. They turn out real cute. Ok, thats all I've got.

  2. What a great idea!! You can do lots of things with Ethan's handprint or footprint! If you want ideas I got em! We are definitely not doing as much this year, it just gets way to outta hand! And its not even the reason either!

    This is kinda a side note: As for kids, I always said why not just give your child three gifts and a stocking...just like what Jesus got, the three wisemen each brought a gift, three in total. And that way you dont have to go overboard!

    I will be looking forward to seeing what you make!!

  3. I second Amber, Dave Ramsy Rocks!

    To take the picture thing a little further, make the grandparents, aunts, uncles, a picture Christmas Tree ornament. Maybe a fam pic or one of Ethan alone.

    Just a suggestion.


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