Friday, September 25, 2009

7 Months

Ethan is 7 months old today!

He has 4 teeth, two more on the way
He sits up like such a big boy!
He giggles all the time--he thinks his daddy is so funny!
He has such a big appetite
He likes to watch mommy work in the kitchen.
He is a very patient little guy
He likes to read books with mommy
But soon gets very sleepy and goes right down for his nap!
He loves sleeping on his side, with his thumb in his mouth
He kicks his chubby legs a mile a minute! It's one of his favorites
He thinks it's funny when he splashes water everywhere during bathtime
He likes to watch Baby Einstein and gets excited when the little green dragon appears on the screen!
He loves learning new things...
Except for crawling; he gets upset that he can't quite get the hang of it--but he will soon!
I think he's going to be a very competitive person
I hope he likes to play sports
He enjoys going on walks with mommy and daddy!
He loves music! Maybe he'll be a musician like his daddy
He also enjoys going to church--but likes to "talk" while the preacher speaks, so mommy or daddy takes him out to walk around.
Maybe he's saying, "Amen!" ..??
But above all else,
He is fearfully and wonderfully made

We love you Ethan!


  1. I LOVE this post Kari!! Happy 7 monthday Ethan!!

  2. I love your post about all the fun things Ethan is doing at 7 months old! We love him so much!



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