Monday, September 28, 2009

Go Pokes!

My Mom and Dad got Ethan the cutest OSU outfit for the upcoming cold weather!

I gotta be honest, before I married my husband (an OSU Alumnus--and his Mom an Alumnu) I was more of an OU fan..haha. (I still root for them every once in awhile, especially during basketball season..shhhh...)

BUT I do like the OSU Cowboys! And even more when my little cutie pie is lookin' so adorable in their colors!

Helping him stand so that we could get the Logo

He chews on everything!

"Are we done yet?"
Not even close, buddy!

He got into a really silly mood and was smiling big time!
It was hilarious!

Our little Jack O' Lantern face, as Nana puts it! haha

Ethan has 4 teeth, and is getting two more!

Sitting up like a big boy!

His serious/model-like pose.

He's such a happy boy!

..and so very handsome, too!

All done!



  1. Oh my gosh that is adorable!!! I love it, it even has little shoes!! Too cute! Isnt it so nice that he can sit up now??!

  2. what a sweetie pie! Ruthie is sitting in my lap look at these pictures saying, " Cute!" ha ha then she said, "Hold?" She loves her cousin Ethan!

  3. Of course I LOVE to see Ethan wearing ORANGE! Cute, adorable, loveable, & sweet, I could go on & on!


  4. He is just the cutest baby ever!!!

    xox Sharon


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