Sunday, September 27, 2009

Is It Really Funny?

Is it really funny when a comedian jokes about God? Like seriously. When you can hear the mockery in his voice?

I like watching Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian...and sometimes he makes jokes about fellow Christians and different things we're "known" for or whatever..and that's funny. But he doesn't make fun of Jesus Christ. He doesn't go there. Or I wouldn't watch him, nor would I call him a Christian Comedian.

I have a SERIOUS issue with people who mock God and call it comedy.

I was watching this guy named Jim Gaffigan the other night. He was re
ally funny at first, and surprisingly not vulgar...until about the last 15 minutes he started throwing in a few things here and there (I should've turned him off then).

Suddenly, out of nowhere he started talking about religion...and then Catholicism (he says he's a Catholic) and then ugh, I sensed it coming....Jesus, my Redeemer.

NO WAY BUDDY. You're not funny anymore.

Surprisingly (which is sad in itself), I prayed for the guy right then and there that he would somehow come to know the Lord as his Savior--b/c otherwise, he's gonna see that his jokes weren't so funny after all and that there IS a heaven and hell and there IS...JESUS CHRIST, SAVIOR OF THE WORLD.

Ok. I think I'm done.
whew...I think I need to go check my blood pressure.

No one talks about my Heavenly Father that way.

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  1. Amen Sister! I am behind you all the way! Let's get'em! ;)


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