Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Selection and a Birthday Wish

Today is my wonderful husband's 28th birthday!
I love you sweetie!! You are a wonderful husband a father ~ I hope you enjoy your day!

Here are some pictures of the birthday boy through the years...


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I was reading in my One-Year Bible the other day, and this scripture totally jumped out at me. I know I've read it before, but I guess I hadn't paid attention to it until now. The Lord really spoke to me and made me realize that sometimes I compare myself to others and elevate myself. I, for some strange reason, think I'm better than others at times. Why? I don't know--it's quite ridiculous. I hate pride, and it's something I struggle with from time to time. God hates pride, too, and doesn't ever want us to think of ourselves as better than anyone!

My selection for today is from Romans 15:7

"Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory."

If Christ can accept me, with all of my many failures and weaknesses, I should ALWAYS be able to accept others!! God will be glorified when we can accept those around us and realize that Jesus loves them just as much as He loves us.

...and isn't that our goal as Christians--to live a life that brings glory to Christ?


  1. Sweet post! Looking forward to celebrating at lunch!


  2. I didn't see Mr. Linky, but my Sunday Selection is up at my blog. :)

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  3. Happy Birthday Bobby!

    I love the pictures you shared of him through the years. How special.

    My son is 28 too!

  4. Happy Birthday to Bobby! Great Sunday Selection as well. Hope you all had a great day!


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