Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Splish Splash, I Was Takin' A Bath...

...No, not me! Don't worry! =)

But here's Ethan during a recent bath time.
He always stays so calm during his baths. Thank God!

I was trying to make him didn't work. haha

"Really, mom--do we need the camera in my face right now?!"

Getting dried off..

I love how snuggly Ethan is after a bath! It's one of my favorites!

Squeaky clean and happy!

Sweet little feet!


  1. Kari, I am so with you on them being wrapped up being a fav...I love it too. I could just hold Cayden like that all day!!! I am glad Ethan is calm during bath time!!! Cayden is too and I sometimes out!! LOL Cute pics!!!

  2. I love this baby's eyes! especially in that 4th pic....

    I love the way he looks at you and bob! it's so amazing how children and babies can easily express absolute love in their eyes!

    He is too cute!

  3. So cute! Just wait until he learns to kick and splash the water out of the tub! Fun fun! :-)Great photo of him with the hair brush!

  4. How sweet! I love all the pictures, but especially how he's looking at y'all and love the last one of his precious little feet.
    He is such a doll.

  5. Those are SO sweet. He's growing so fast!

  6. your boy is so sweet!!

    you look great, by the way.

    PS: i love your song choices--especially 'free to be me'...i am loving her music right now :)

    enjoying your blog--stop by sometime.



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