Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mr. Bouncy Man

Okay, so you've seen "Mr. Smiley Man" already--
Well, today I'll introduce to you "Mr. Bouncy Man"
(For some reason I make up all these goofy nicknames for Ethan and call him by those more than I do his real name...I need to work on correcting that!)

I actually made up a song for Mr. Bouncy Man Ethan that I sing to him as he plays in his bouncer seat...he instantly starts smiling and kicking those chubby legs of his once I start the song. It's so cute!

Here's "Mr. Bouncy Man" in his bouncy seat...


  1. His eyes are soooo...beautiful!! I am sure you get that a lot! We arent quite sure what color eyes Cayden will have yet... looks like both our little ones love to bounce. Chubby legs are the cutest arent they!?....on babies of course! lol!

  2. Beautiful blue eyes! Such a cutie. :)

  3. Oh he's so cute! He's really showing more facial features! I hope you're having such fun!

  4. In the thried pic... he's thinking "mom, I love you, but seriously?! stop with the pictures... I'm trying to bouce here"

    ha ha

  5. what a cutie pie! its always wonderful to see pics! he's a doll.

  6. His eyes are fabulous!! Thanks so much for your comment on my post the other day! How is motherhood treating you??


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