Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Big Boy! ...and a Scary Bedtime Prayer

Hey gals! Can you believe my baby boy is one month old?! Thank the Lord, he is doing really well!
Thanks for all of your prayers! We love 'em!

See the onsie he's wearing?? "Night Owl"...this pic is what's been going on all night/early morning lately...haha...I can laugh right now b/c I 've actually had some sleep today. But wow--sleep deprivation is PAINFUL!!!

He finally calmed down so I could snap a pic of him in "precious angel" mode (as the grandmas would say). That's the only mode they usually see him in though, not the screaming mode above! haha
What can I say, though? He can do no wrong in the grandparents' eyes!

Okay..and for the Scary Bedtime Prayer part...

My husband and I recently stumbled across this Christian comedian named Tim Hawkins..he's hilarious!

This video is about a prayer that is often recited at bedtime, but after watching this video, you'll see it may not be as comforting to kids as people may think (although the comedian says it in a goofy way the I'm sure parents don't do!) My parents never prayed this specific prayer at bedtime, but I know some friends whose parents did, and it always made me feel kinda creepy/uneasy!


  1. Love the new pictures of Ethan!!!! You're right, he is a precious angel! ;)

    Carol (Nana)

  2. What a sweet baby. Even when he's screaming...

    That video had me laughing out loud!

  3. That video is hilarious and I love the pics of Ethan - what a cutie! :)

  4. I can't believe Ethan is a month old already.

    I remember hearing that bedtime prayer as a chid or reading it, but we never recited it either. I always thought it was creepy too and certainly not very comforting.

    Ethan is a little doll. I know you are enjoying him so much.

    Have a good week, Kari.

  5. Ethan is so cute! I bet you're doing a wonderful job!

  6. He is so handsome! I can't believe that it has been a month! I bet the time really flies by for you.

  7. What a precious boy!! Sleep deprivation is oh so are so right!! Wow, its like everyone can tell you that you will be tired, but you cant even imagine it until you live it!! Those first weeks were rough!!


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