Sunday, March 8, 2009

I finally found some time...

to do a new post!

Wow--I never knew how much work motherhood could be...I'm so much more appreciative of my mom for putting up with us kiddos!

Ethan is doing really well! Last night, not one alarm went off!! Praise God!!
He's supposed to be on it for approx. 4 months, but we are praying the Lord will make a way for it to come off much sooner! As frustrating as it's been having to deal with the cords and monitor during feedings/changings and just moving him around the house, it has brought some peace of mind at night when we sleep. (I'm a worrier, so maybe the Lord knew I need a little something to help me relax a little bit!)

I know our situation with Ethan being monitored for his apnea is nothing compared to a lot of the hardships that so many families are dealing with right now; however, it's still been pretty rough. This situation has totally made me rely on God to take care of our little son. I'm constantly praying, and I've taken such comfort in His Word probably more than ever. There is absolutely NO WAY I could live this life without my Savior Jesus Christ!

I'm so thankful that He's given me such a wonderful and caring husband (I love him more than ever!) and such a sweet little baby boy to love and cherish.

Bob has been great--I'm so blessed to have him by my side. I know Ethan is going to have so much fun growing up with such an awesome daddy!!

My parents and Bob's parents have been a TREMENDOUS help!!! My mom stayed over a few nights--my dad even joined in on the fun one night, too. My MIL Carol has been coming over during the days and helping with all the housework and a bunch of other stuff too--she's a busy little bee! We are SO grateful to ALL of our family and friends for their prayers, encouragement, and help!!

I never knew I could function on such little sleep--but when we are weak, Jesus is strong!

Okay--long post--so here's some pics to make all the reading worthwhile!

Holding daddy's finger

wide awake--looks a little ornery!

cute little feet comfy in daddy's arms!

Not sure what this face is but it cracks me up!

The proud new daddy

Workin' those lungs!

In the NICU with the feeding tube--so thankful he's outta there!

My big sis--Aunt Kim

My little brother--Uncle Drew

Papaw Berryman

Grandpa Calvert

Nana Berryman and Grammy Calvert

Our family =)

Our big baby boy!

First time in my arms--the pain was worth it!!

Hope you are having a great Lord's Day!


  1. He's adorable! Congratulations

  2. Kari, Ethan is simply adorable!
    I know how you feel about having so much help.
    My mom stayed with me for a week. I'll never forget
    that was so special.
    I'm glad you had a minute to update us and share the cute
    pictures. He is precious.

  3. Congrats again. Great to see you back in the "blogging world". Ethan is a cutie.

  4. Ethan is soo cute! Congratulations to you and Bob! I pray this transition into motherhood goes smoothly for you! You guys are doing great! Praying too for Ethan and his apnea!

  5. Hi Kari,

    You both are so very blessed to have Ethan!

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    May the Lord bless and enrich your ministry!! :)

    Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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