Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Chance...??

You see this little cutie? Well, when I found out I was expecting him, Bob and I started joking about how the poor baby will have no chance of being tan. Ever. In his life.

Because have you seen me and Bob?

A few of my nicknames throughout Jr. High and High School were, "Ghost", "Casper", and "Albino".

I tried the tanning bed thing for awhile. I think I darkened maybe half a shade. Maybe.

I've also tried the natural outdoors too. I just burn, resemble a crab for a week or so, and then peel. Period. No tan involved.

It's just sad isn't it?

BUT thanks to Picnik.com, I found a way to get a tan without crisping outside or baking in a bed!

It was fun to see what we would possibly look like if we could tan!

Maybe Ethan will have a better relationship with the sun than we do!

X Fingers crossed! X


  1. Oh my gosh, that is too funny! I had no idea you could do this!!

  2. haha! For the record - I NEVER called you names... but I do remember you burnt so bad it was tough for you to lean back in your seat... ;)


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