Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've always been pretty clumsy; a "butterfinger", if you will. Almost at every dinner growing up, I'd end up reaching over and spilling my glass of milk all over the table, causing a backward scramble of everyone around me. Milk would be dripping off the side, napkins drenched, and my parents trying to stay calm over yet another clumsy moment.

Things haven't changed much over the years. In fact, I think my clumsiness has gotten worse. Sigh.

Here's a great example from today:

You see that?
That, my friends, is almost a whole pot of soup that I had just finished making. I successfully managed to pour it into a freezer bag to store away for future use, but as I was zipping it up, it somehow managed to fling itself out of my hands to its death. Ok, so I'm being dramatic. But I'm upset!!

I just stood there, hot soup burning my toes, trying to stay calm when really I wanted to scream and shout!! I managed to keep my words in check and quietly started to clean the mess of soup up.

It's crazy, but sometimes these insignificant issues threaten to ruin my whole day. They just about do me in!

This time I was determined to get through somewhat gracefully. I decided to think of the good in the situation, hoping to ease my building anger (yes, over a silly pot of spilled soup)
So here's what I came up with:

1. Ethan was napping, so I didn't have to worry about keeping him entertained while I cleaned the mess up.

2. I needed to mop the floor anyway.

3. The soup made it into the bag before I spilled it. If I would've spilled it while it was still in my Dutch Oven, that could've been disastrous!

4. There was still enough left in the bag for one bowl of soup.

5. The soup wasn't all that great, so I didn't miss out on much!

And there you have it, ladies. It really wasn't a big deal after all!

If nothing else, it was a good ol' character building moment!


  1. Aw so sorry Kari! I can frustrating! Thank goodness Ethan was asleep!

  2. Oh no! The photo says it all! I am glad you found peace in the moment.

  3. Oh I should say I thought this was a post on that yummy butterfinger bar!! haha

  4. That's crazy! So sorry! Hey... but it made for a pretty funny post...


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