Friday, January 15, 2010

Girl Time

Last night my BFF and I got all dolled up (I even wore this stuff called makeup!) and went and saw Leap Year. It was super cute!

After swooning over some sweet and overly lovey-dovey moments, we went and grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and just enjoyed some girl talk! Inevitably, the conversation ended up turning toward our little boys. Discussed topics are so much different than they used to be!

Before marriage and motherhood, conversation topics were College classes, frustrating bosses, a favorite new eye shadow, weekend plans, an outfit at the mall, our future spouses.


Dirty diapers, teething babies, what new things our sons are learning, makeup? Oh, we're supposed to still wear that stuff? Sweatpants, laundry..and lots of it, our husbands, bills, sleep..and the lack thereof.

But it's a good change. We had great years as single ladies. But I know I speak for both of us when I say that we wouldn't go back to those years for nothin'. We love our new lives.

We also love that we can get away for just a few hours and catch up.

But even more so, we love that we get to go home to our husbands and sons.


  1. So glad you two gals got to see a chick flick and hang out!

    Smiles & love,

  2. looks like such a fun movie... i'll have to netflix it when it comes out:)
    i noticed you were reading ferber... hows it going for you?

  3. I am glad you went out and was able to put some of that stuff on too! ;-p Glad you had fun! Its always refreshing, isnt it?!

  4. ferber worked for me when i could handle it...

    left you something on my blog:)

  5. So glad to hear that you and holly got some "girl time"... it is amazing to look back at each of our lives 3 years ago... wow! god truly has blessed all of us!


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