Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How 'Bout Them Taters

Ethan recently had his first taste of sweet potatoes!
I'm thinkin' he loved them! (NOT)

Several laughs later (on mine and my mom's part only), Ethan finally swallowed some of them taters!
I'm thinking next time, we'll need to back down a little (or a lot!) so that he won't be freaked every time he sees a spoon coming at him!
Slowly, but surely, he'll have an appetite just as big as his mommy's!


  1. hahaah cracks me up! Those are the same faces Cayden has when we try something new. I think they are getting use to the new texture and taste!! So cute Kari!

  2. Too funny! Ruthie Jane LLOOOOVVVEDD Sweet Potatoes! Do you puree your own veggies or buy Gerber baby food? I never could get her to eat store bought because I fed her homemade. When I tried to feed her store bought while away from home she refused it!


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