Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dr. Bob

I found out today, that the doctor who delivered Ethan passed away.
He had been fighting cancer for quite some time.

Dr. Robert Aikman was his name, but we all called him "Dr. Bob"

Dr. Bob always had a smile on his face at each appointment, and had to duck just to get into the room! He was 7 ft. tall!

While pregnant, me and my paranoid self would constantly search the internet for an answer to a little question I had, or to see if a certain pain I was feeling was normal. Usually, I'd end up diagnosing myself with something weird, or worrying that Ethan was going to come early. I'd relay my fears at each appointment, and every time, Dr. Bob would say, "You've gotta stop searching the internet!" Haha.

Delivering Ethan.
He's holding one of Ethan's little feet.

Dr. Bob was caring, gentle, funny, compassionate, and very good at what he did.
I'm so thankful that he was the Dr. who delivered Ethan.

Dr. Bob is survived by his wonderful wife, 7 children, and 6 grandchildren.
Your prayers for the family would certainly be appreciated.

"I believe in the innate, created wisdom of a woman's body to maintain itself in health, and to restore itself in disease; my role is to assist my patients in achieving that wisdom in every aspect of her life-physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually."
-Dr. Robert "Bob" Aikman


  1. I was so shocked when Bobby told me that Dr. Aikman had passed away. He did such a great job delivering Ethan, I'll never forget the experience. He was so calm & comforting. My prayers are with the family.


  2. aww he sounds like a wonderful man. a good doctor is so important when you are a paranoid mama (like i was)! our prayers will definitely be with his family.

  3. Aw, sounds like a wonderful Dr!! Love that pic too, so sweet.


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