Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Holiday I can Love!

I used to hate this holiday. When we were single, my best friend and I would put ourselves through unreasonable torture by getting all dressed up and going out to a restaurant or coffee shop on V-day.

I guess we were hoping to find the man of our dreams that night...instead, we would end up sitting in a corner sulking over our loneliness and counting how many cute young couples there were in the building.
- This was before we were both married -
This was obviously not taken on Valentine's Day--we look much too happy!

Haha...I'm glad I can laugh about those days now! We both have found the man of our dreams!

-True Love-
Me and my husband at my best friend's wedding

I can fin
ally say that I love this holiday! As much as I love my husband and could never imagine my life without him, there is Someone greater with whom I could not live without. Valentine's Day celebrates love, and what greater love than the love of Christ!?
But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8
I'm so amazed by the unconditional and sacrificial love of my Father. His love is truly a reason to celebrate!


  1. Great post Kari! Love the scripture!
    Carol~ aka Nana

  2. That is so true. Our Lord is the picture of love!

    Happy Valentine's day to you and your husband! As you think back to those years being single, I bet you can now say that it was worth the wait!

    Praying for a safe labor and delivery of your sweet boy! (Now that I remember I feel silly asking you the sex of your baby - your MIL has been talking about him for awhile now! haha) Maybe he'll come today??

  3. Hi, thanks for becoming a follower. :D
    I really like your header!
    Congrats on the upcoming Gift from the Lord...Boys are awesome!!

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Haha! Indeed, many a V-day was spent feeling so very sorry for ourselves! We could have saved a ton of grief if we'd have just trusted the Lord and enjoyed the gift of singleness for the time being. God is so very faithful, now we are wives and mommies! : ) Life doesn't get any better! Love ya!


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