Friday, December 16, 2011

Across the Miles...

Friendships are truly priceless.
Even if they've only ever been from across the miles.

With today's technology, we can feel like we're right there with one another, even if we're really hundreds of miles away. It's a neat time we're living in.

I have one of those long-distance friends. Alicia.

We actually met through the blogland a few years ago.
Our firstborns are one day apart, so that, I think is what drew us together--the common ground we shared.

And almost three years later, our friendship remains.

She's a prayer partner.
Gifted with encouragement.
Very creative (I go to her when my mommy brain is foggy and can't for the life of me come up with anything crafty to do with Ethan)
A godly example of what a woman, wife and mother should strive to be.

We chat on Facebook, through texts and sometimes on the phone. But we've never actually met in person.
We keep telling each other that we WILL meet one day! What a blast that would be!

I told you all how great of a gal my friend Alicia is because she started her blog back up after almost a two year break. I'm so excited for her to be back! She's going to have all kinds of great tips to share, and godly encouragement to extend.

So please go check her blog out when you have the chance! Marker Stains and Memory Lanes

Thank God for your friends today!

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