Monday, February 6, 2012

A Look at Gratitude

The ungrateful thought struck me in the middle of my complaint-filled internal tirade. "What on earth are you saying? You have nothing to complain about!" It must have been the Holy Spirit gently prodding me to remembrance. Remembrance of all the unmerited blessings in my life. Even though some days are tough, some seasons of life are longer than I would like, I have been given blessing after blessing. If I were to count them and name them one by one, it would surely take an eternity.

I know how hard it is for me to bear my son's constant whining. Is that what I sound like to God sometimes?  I feel like a spoiled child at times, so prone to whine and complain when things get tough--even if it's mostly inward--for God certainly can hear those complaints when others do not. It grieves Him, too, those wayward thoughts. Because as the following quote points out, an ungrateful and complaint-filled life is a life full of pride. 

"Gratitude is the overflow of a humble heart, just as surely as an ungrateful, complaining spirit flows out of a proud heart. Proud people are wrapped up in themselves. If people or circumstances don’t please or suit them, they are prone to whine or become resentful.

A humble person thinks much of God and others and little of himself. He recognizes that anything he has is better than he deserves. He doesn't feel anyone owes him anything. He doesn’t feel entitled to have more, or for life to be easy, or for everyone to love him and treat him well. He’s grateful for the least little kindness that’s extended to him, knowing it’s more than he deserves."
~Nancy Leigh DeMoss~

What conviction for me!  I don't want to be wrapped up in myself. I want to think much of God and others. I want to realize the truth that is this: I don't deserve the goodness of God--certainly not His salvation. But He, the God of the universe, humbled Himself and came to earth in human form and willingly laid down His life to save us all.

How can we not be humbled at such deep, unwavering love? Divine love. Amazing and unmerited grace. In light of all that, how can we possibly be ungrateful? Ladies, let it not be named among us.

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  1. Love this! I feel like I need to be humbled constantly. I'm so quick to forget how blessed I am and get caught up in fleshly thoughts. Great post- needed this!

    Bennett Love


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