Friday, January 6, 2012

Get Out Of That Pit

While on Facebook last night, I came across a Youtube clip of Beth Moore that a friend had shared.

I watched it.
It was pretty good.
I didn't see how it applied to me, though.

When it was over, and as usual, all the other similar clips were shown at the end.

And I saw, "Get Out Of That Pit"

"No....I don't need to watch that one.", I thought. [heart tugging]
"It's 49 minutes long! Woah, definitely not going to watch it!" [heart still tugging]

Sigh. "Ok, I'll watch it."

Truth is, I knew I needed to. I've felt for awhile now that I've been stuck in a pit of discouragement--a pit I've lived in for too long. And not just discouragement, but all the other struggles it produces. The lack of trust and faith it can foster. The anger and discontentment it creates.

So, it's time to take the pictures down, to hire a moving truck. I'm so out of this pit! God has been victorious for us! There's no need to remain where we are at. No need at all.

In the video, Beth shares three ways we usually find ourselves in a pit:

A. We are thrown in by others. Remember the story of Joseph? His brothers literally threw him in to a real pit. Maybe you've been thrown into a pit by your spouse's infidelity. Or your business partner's deceit.

B. We slip in.  We let sin take a foothold and before we know it, we've slipped in to some type of
bad habit or relationship that we never dreamed we'd find ourselves in.

C. We jump in. Willful, planned sin. Even David asks in Psalm 19:13 for God to keep him from willful sins.

Beth Moore finishes her message by proclaiming the power that Christ has to deliver us from our pits. He is our rescuer.

Are you in a pit today? It may be something as serious as alcohol addiction or something as seemingly minor as laziness and lack of discipline. But they're all pits. Anything that keeps us from the victorious and free life that Jesus has for us, is a pit we must be pulled from.

We can't be completely sinless while on this earth--we'll never really have it all together--but by God's grace, there's no need for us to be overtaken by any sin. As much as satan wants that to be our end--to bury us alive--Christ has conquered Him for us! He is our Victor! And He stands ready and willing to deliver us and give us the abundant life that can only be found in HIM.

If you feel a tugging, please watch the video. It's long, but it's so worth it! Let's Get Out Of That Pit!

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