Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ethan's Birthday Bash-Part 2: The Party

Back for another round of party pics! We've already gone over the here are some pictures of what went on during the par-tay!

Hangin' with the grandmas beforehand

Daddy's got the camera ready to roll!

Papa, Nana, Grandpa and Grammy
Ethan sure loves his grandparents!

I decided to throw a game in the mix.
Guess the number of the Jelly Beans...

My friend, Kayleigh, writing down her guess...

..but my brother's sweet girlfriend, Shannon, walked away with the prize!
There were 1,114 Jelly Beans. She guessed 1,123.

I assured our guests that I didn't count the JB's with my fingers. I played the part of a pharmacist and used a knife to count them and slide them into the container. ;)

Ethan having fun with Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim

Oh..and by the way...Ethan is going to have a cousin come August 30ish!!
We're so excited for Matt and Kim!

He loves his daddy...

1st crush??

Ah, yes my friends, this is when Ethan's birthday party excitement started dwindling.

Certainly not a flattering picture, but I had to throw it in for the "memories"

Not a happy camper...and his pants were undone...lovely.

But when present time rolled around, he magically perked up!
I'm so thankful for our generous friends and family!

I love this.
It looks like he's reading his card aloud for all to hear. Hehe. So cute.

I'm pretty sure I was more excited about this toy than Ethan was.
But it was actually MADE IN AMERICA!! Gotta love it!

One of the gifts from my parents was a huge, super cute, bath towel. He outgrew his baby towels a long time ago. So I was glad to get a big-kid one for him to use!

Another grandparent gift.
Bob's parent's got Ethan ready for the summer with this cute hat to help protect that soft baby skin of his from the sun!

Woah! He was overly excited about opening more presents!

Ethan and Nathan. Silly little dudes.

All in all it was a great day!
Bob and I made a video montage of Ethan's 1st year, and played it for the guests.
I hope to show it to you gals soon, too!

Coming up next...Birthday Cake!


  1. Looks like so much fun Kari! You did a great job. Cayden had a moment too...I think its normal! The pair of summer shorts Ethan got, Cayden wore for his bday!! So cute! I wish we could get them together matching and do pics!!

  2. I like the picture where Ethan is reading his card. Cute pic with mommy!!

    He is so cute in his t-shirt too!!

  3. Looks like he had so much fun! I like the photo of him diving for the present!

  4. Happy Birthday to little Ethan!
    What a fun day filled with so many memories.
    How fun that Ethan's cousin will arrive in Aug.
    They'll have lots of fun times together.

    I talked to Carol about our blogging friend Sherry and me coming to Tulsa one Sat. soon for lunch. Wouldn't that be fun to actually meet in person?!! She was going to check her schedule.

    I'm glad y'all had such a fun party. I can't believe he's already one!

  5. What great memories!

    I love the one of Ethan "reading" his card! :)

  6. Hi Kari! Sorry I haven't been by in a while! Wanted to see how you're doing and say hello and check on you with all the crazy weather I've been hearing about over there! Hope everyone is doing well!! my email is :)


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