Monday, November 30, 2009

Are You Smarter Than...

No, not a 5th grader.

Well, ok, maybe that could apply to this post.

Because all 5th graders know that in order for lights to work, they have to be plugged in!

The other day, as I was putting up lights around our tree in the front yard, I became so upset when I plugged them in and they didn't work! They were brand new! I tried plugging them in every different way imaginable..and still, nothing!!

I started talking out loud, trying to work myself through the situation. I took a step back, and just stared at the lights on the tree, trying to see where I'd gone wrong. I worked a little more. Unplugged here, plugged in there.

Quickly, my voice rose a few octaves. I started flinging things around and became needlessly annoyed. (I hope my neighbors weren't outside!) I called the lights stupid. I called the lights idiots. But I knew I was really angry when I called them stupid idiots!

So, I decided to go grab my hubby--before I lost all remaining sanity--and see if he could figure out why the stupid idiot lights weren't working!! Because I was about to rip all of them down and throw them away!

Bob came out. Looked at the lights on the tree. Unplugged one connecting set of lights...plugged them back in and said, "Is the extension cord plugged in in the garage?" "Well, yeah!" I said, shocked that he would think me so stupid!

...but just to make sure, I went into the garage to double check.

I plugged the extension cord into the outlet.

And all the lights came on.

It was certainly not my brightest moment
(No pun intended)


  1. That SOOO sounds like something I would do! And, I can't wait to see you guys in January! I am SO looking forward to it!

  2. You made me LOL! I love that you were calling the lights names! HAH! Too funny...that is called mommy brain!

  3. You make me laugh Kari! That sounds exactly like something I would do...and I don't have kids so I don't have an excuse! :) At least it all got figured out!

  4. Keri, You are funny, and this sounds so much like me. I'm glad they are now working. Kathi


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